Friday, May 24, 2013

Snack trays and snack lunch

Peanuts, strawberry-pear-honey bun kabobs, tortilla chips and animal cookies.

I don't serve my kids a lot of snacks. But I sometimes like to serve a snack-lunch. They get all excited like I'm throwing them a birthday party, and it's perfect when you have a bunch of little things you need to use up that don't really add up to a meal on their own. 
Little people love variety, little foods and eating with their fingers.
D's grandma gives me lots of fancy trays and things. Snack lunch is fun opportunity to put them to use. 

Devilled eggs, ramen noodles, apple-mango-pear kabobs

The general rule I go by is 2 or more fruits and veggies, one or more proteins and a carb or 2. But really, I just throw together whatever is handy and let them have at it.

Fresh coconut, goldfish crackers, honeydew, cashews, pistachios, animal crackers

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