Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Little Luna's New Eyes-Luna's Story Part 2

My last entry ended with us waiting for answers on why Luna was so small, developmentally delayed, and waiting to find out how her eyes were. 

We still, a year later, don't have many answers. She has been through such a great number of tests for every possible thing. Every test she has had came up pretty close to normal. She has been receiving therapy. Her team has changed a lot over the past year, with members coming and going. Everyone has been wonderful. Luna is thriving under their care. 

The biggest change was getting her glasses. It turns out that my little moonbeam has no clear vision at any distance. Her first prescription is for a +8, which is very strong. She had a great deal of transition and adjustment. It was hard and scary and overwhelming for her, but she did slowly catch on, and she is now able to walk, climb, crawl, stand, run, kick, and do pretty much everything every other 2 year old can do. 
This is from a Facebook post I made the day after she got her first pair of glasses. 

"Luna did so well with her glasses at breakfast. 
After eating, I put her on the potty in front of a large mirror. She touched her face all over, held up her hands, waved to herself, felt her body all over, held up her feet, touched her glasses, pointed to herself, and announced, "Good." 
Then her brothers came in to see her and played peek a boo and let her touch their faces. She laughed so hard, and declared them, "Good." as well."

And pictures of her eating her breakfast with clear vision for the first time. I had to feed her at first. I don't think she recognized the Cheerios until she tasted them. I didn't notice at the time how crooked her glasses were. She's now able to fix them if they get wonky.