Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beach Towels Are Better Than Bath Towels

In my house, we don't have bath towels. We have beach towels. Beach towels are FAR superior. I started buying beach towels soon after I got my first apartment, and I've never looked back.
Here's why. 

1. Beach towels are WAY cheaper. 
I think these towels cost me about $3 each. 
Beach towels always go on super clearance at the end of the summer. Watch and wait, then snap them up. Grandma and I found these towels at Kmart a couple of years ago. I bought 6 for under $20. A week later Grandma went back and go 6 more for $10 or $15. Great deal! 

2. Beach towels are huge.
I's a curvy girl. I like a towel that makes it's way all the way around my womanly glory. Nothing ruins a nice relaxing bath like fighting with a towel that leaves your bits and pieces exposed. 

My 2 littlest boys often call out at the end of their bath, "Two boys in one towel!" I can easily wrap my 2 year old and 3 year old up together in one towel. That's always good for a giggle or three. 

The largest sized bath towel is a "bath sheet". Bath sheets are far more expensive and still a little smaller than a beach towel.

3. Beach towels are thin, but sturdy.
Like all things, you can find good quality beach towels and poor quality beach towels. Look for a good quality towel and it will last forever (or at least a very long time). Beach towels are made to hang to dry quickly. If you are into reusing towels, these are your best bet. 

4. Beach towels are more absorbant.
I found that my bath sheets were not so very absorbant. Although they were thick and soft and luxurious, they weren't so great with the sucking up of water. Which is a fairly important job for a towel. 

5. Beach towels come in fun colors and prints. 

I stuck mainly with stripes because I LOVE stripes. But look at all the fruity colors! I love colors. Super fun for mixing and matching with other decor in the bathroom. 

6. Beach towels DO NOT look weird hanging in the bathroom. 
They look surprisingly like towels.

7. Pool, beach and splash park trips are a breeze. 
Need towels? Grab them. Go. 


  1. Beach towels For The Win!

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