Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cookies on demand!

My 3yo has been asking me to bake him cookies for a few days. I meant to, but between breakfast, chores, schooling, lunch, diapers, naps, dinner, baths and a sleepless baby, there hasn't been time. This makes us both sad :(

Today, I carved out half an hour to mix up a triple batch of cookie dough. I chose a basic sugar-cookie type recipe, cleaned out my candy drawer, and got creative.
I divided the dough into 3 large bowls, added mini malted milk balls to one, chopped raspberry Hershey's Hugs to the second and a chopped dark chocolate, peppermint swirl bar to the last. Stirred each and divided    it into 3 logs. I wrapped the logs in plastic wrap and popped them in the freezer.

I baked one right away. Yum. Fresh cookies.

But then I wanted another cookie or 2 (or 6, maybe), so I pulled out another log, sliced it up and baked it. Raspberry, this time.Yum. Fresh cookies.

The time consuming part of baking cookies isn't mixing the dough. It's waiting around to switch out the trays, move cookies to the rack and reload the tray to go back in every 8 minutes.

Baking one batch at a time makes fresh baked cookies so much more accessible. You control the ingredients. Homemade yumminess in under 10 minutes.

Built in portion control prevents anyone from going completely overboard. I know if I put 4 dozen cookies in front of my kids they will happily each eat a dozen. If I put 8 cookies in front of them, they will happy each eat 2 cookies and go back outside. Much more reasonable.

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  1. Oh I so understand portion control! My kids will happily devour an insane amount of cookies as well. Fabulous idea!

    I usually freeze cookies pressed flat in a baggie, and then break off cookable sizes.