Sunday, September 9, 2012

Everyone makes mistakes

In the interest of honesty, I thought I would do something a little different.

I have read a few different articles accusing bloggers like myself of presenting an unrealistic, unattainable image of perfection, there-by causing other, less perfect women to feel inferior. At the very least, blogs like mine have been labelled as brag fests.

The brag fest label absolutely applies to my blog. I think I do some fun stuff, usually inspired by someone else's brag. I like to share the fun stuff, record it for myself and my children in the future and maybe inspire some other women to do something fun with her own little blessings.

I confess that I carefully stage some of my pictures to hide the clutter and the hideous disaster that is my stalled-out kitchen remodel. I only post my successes. Because why would I post things that didn't work? So  someone else can replicate my failure? Eh. No thanks.

But this time I will.  Here ya go.

I wish I could say these were tasty in spite of the ugliness, but they weren't. I also wish that I could say that the second batch was better than the first, but it was worse. They actually look much better in the picture than in real life. They look a lot better than they tasted, too. My kids, bless their hearts, ate the overcooked, 8 inch wide, greasy embarrassments without a single complaint. 

Next time you find yourself browsing Pinterest and feeling like a crappy mom for not hand sewing personalized quilts for your children, or designing custom crafted wardrobes for yourself and your family, or having an amazingly decorated house, or packing cute bunny shaped sandwiches in your kids' lunches or whatever you perceive your failings to be, let go of that feeling. We are all imperfect. Success is the result of practice and love, not magic. Ease up on yourself and go something fun that you love to do. Appreciate the results for the experience they provide. If you aren't having fun, you are missing the point. 

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