Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Waffled hash browns

A waffle iron is a versatile and underutilized bit of kitchenry. It can easily cook many foods quickly, due to the top and bottom plates heating foods from both directions at the same time, with less fat, and without heating up the kitchen.
Case in point: Hash browns.
I LOVE homemade hash browns. Potatoes are one of the least expensive and most available foods. They homemade version is easy, quick and free of scary ingredients found in the packaged stuff. In fact this recipe has 4 ingredients, potatoes, oil, salt and pepper.
My homemade potatoes always turns out greasy and never as crisp as I'd like. These babies are not greasy at all and crispalicious. And waffly-fun. Everything is better waffled.
A starchy potato, like a russet, will give you a very crispy, nicely formed patty that holds it's shape well. A waxy potato, like a Yukon Gold or Red Rose, will give you a softer, creamier, less formed hashie, with a nice crunch just on the outside.
Let's get started.

1 large, 2 medium, or 4 small potatoes
drizzle of oil
salt and pepper

Wash and shred potatoes.
Spread shreds generously and evenly over waffle plates.
Drizzle very lightly with oil. I use a silicone basting brush.
Sprinkle with S and P.
Close the iron. Cook until crispy and brown.

Makes approximately 4 waffled browns.

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