Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's time for some pictures

It's time for some pictures of my yummy baby.

Technically not a baby picture, but I like this one. He's 2 days old here, I think.

It had been a few days. Everyone else had had a chance to hold W. I was settling down on the couch. Jay climbed up beside me, grabbed the Boppy, put it on his lap and demanded, "Me!"

So proud

One week old. Show off.

First Bath
I faux hawked him. Yup, I did. 3 weeks old.

I love these babies.

5 weeks old and he's still working this tired old number. I asked,"Don't you have any new tricks, yet?"

So then he did this. I told him that babies who are 5 weeks old are NOT supposed to sit up yet. He said, "Oh, yeah? Watch me." Smartypants.

This baby is so loved.
He has the biggest smiles.
These are from today.

Cutest little dimple.

Oh, the scrutiny.

Starting to teethe already.


  1. He is positively YUMMY!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. He's beautiful!!! LOVE the dimple!!!!