Monday, September 20, 2010

My baby

Disclaimer: I am NOT a photographer. Maybe someday, but not today. I'm just a mom with a little point and shoot camera who likes to take pictures.

My baby. He's so cute. Not just in a regular mom-who-loves-her-baby way. He's really overwhelmingly adorable. I'll let you see for yourself.

 See what I mean? Too adorable, right? Those big blue eyes. That sweet rosebud mouth. Those pinchable cheeks. Those angelic blond curls. And the personality, so big in such a teensy little package.

I love this baby.


  1. Oh he's beautiful, Nadine! The prefolds and big diaper pins at his hips kill me!

  2. Thanks!
    Those are homemade flannel flats. I'm cutting them up into wipes now. I made them for my first baby. Lots of them. I've been recycling them for various purposes ever since.