Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm baaaack!

For now anyway.

I've been stockpiling pictures and ideas for a loooong time. I'm going to work in reverse chronological order and hopefully, someday, I'll catch up.

So. Here goes.

It's springtime in my little Creole town. It's in the high 80s, the field is in bloom, and kittens are pending. I like kittens.  We're spending lots of time outside (I'm sitting at my plastic table under my umbrella right now), and enjoying the sunshine, the cool breeze, picnic lunches, frequent trips to the park, the occasional sprinkler and the more occasional hike.

Here are some pics from a recent backyard picnic.

This is Savannah. We are crazy in love with her. She deserves her own post. And she'll get it. But for now, here's a taste of her adorability. Notice the spots. I love the spots.

How pretty is this baby. He just gets prettier and prettier.

Almost unbearable, isn't it. Kind of hurts your eyes to look at all that prettiness all at once. It's a good thing I don't dress him better or take better care of his hair. Then his beauty would be downright dangerous.

Can you believe this kid is 5 years old? 5 years and 5 days. Sigh. Where does it go?

There are almost no pictures of this kid, because he no longer has any interest is me or the camera. He's far too busy with...whatever it is boys are busy with. After chasing him around the playground for half an hour, he finally gave me this 4 second pose. He's a good sport. 

 And this is me. Doing my best to fight the middle aged mom frump.

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